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Karl Kraebber is the Director of Xenotransplantation within the Department of Surgery at the University of Alabama Birmingham School of Medicine. Karl is continuing his work transitioning the xenotransplantation research of Dr. Joe Tector into clinical trials and expanding into full-scale production. He continues to be a champion for change and a diligent promoter of organizational transformation.

Prior to relocating to UAB, Karl served as project manager for the Tector Xeno research group and also as an embedded process improvement resource for the IU Health transplant service line. Karl worked with hospital leaders to break down their traditional silos and think of the hospital as a complex system with the patient as the primary focus.

Prior to joining the Transplant Service Line as a project manager and embedded process improvement resource, Karl served as a Deployment Leader with the IU Health Methodist and University Hospitals Office of Transformation. During his time in the role, he participated in kicking off both the Med/Surg and Transplant Value Streams. Karl facilitated 10+ rapid improvement events focused on improving the patient experience, operational indicators and quality across the continuum.

Previously Karl was a Process Improvement Project Manager at St. John’s Hospital in Springfield, IL. At St. John’s, Karl facilitated service line value stream improvement teams, conducted departmental rapid improvement events, mentored front-line staff on their journey to becoming embedded lean coaches and trained leaders and mangers from within the Central Illinois Division of Hospital Sisters Health System on lean healthcare principles and applications.