Mr. Edward Pound

Factory Physics Inc.

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Factory Physics Inc.
United States
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WHAT I DO: create and lead innovative efforts to assess and greatly improve business operations' financial and customer service performance.

WHO I WORK WITH: company executives and managers or equity fund owners to quickly, successfully build operations teams and work structure to achieve business goals.

With a deep background in operations and a wide range of industry experience, I have pioneered the benefits of advanced, practical operations science for achieving businesses' financial and market challenges. My experience includes the critical work of driving cultural change in an organization and thereby aligning day-to-day execution to achieve executive strategy.

Industries: Medical Equipment, Aerospace, Consumer Products, Semiconductor, Oil and Gas and Civil Construction, Pharmaceutical, Packaging, Engineer To Order, Textiles, Airline Repair & Overhaul, Cloud Infrastructure, Automotive Telematics, Non-Wovens, Food Ingredients, Tire Production, Oil Field Pipe Production

Specialties: Operations Strategy, Team Building, Inventory Optimization, Cash Flow Analysis and Improvement, Contract Negotiations, Customer Relationship Management, ERP optimization, Productivity Improvement, Executive Training, Project Management, Product Design, Materials Management, Purchasing