David Brandt


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United States
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I'm the web managing editor for IISE. I'm tasked with writing, editing and coding content for IISE-related websites, strategic planning and day-to-day management for IISE's social media network, and I contribute to writing and copy editing articles appearing in ISE magazine, a role I've carried since I first joined the Institute in 2007.

I'm a veteran journalist who has recently redirected his career toward UX design. I'm an amateur Web coder who also dabbles in photography and creative writing. I'm a longtime soccer player and fan as well as a big fan of Atlanta United in MLS. I'm also a cancer survivor and currently working on writing my memoirs about the experience. And I've been an Uber driver-partner since March 2014.

I'm always glad to answer questions for IISE members and discuss current trends for ISEs in a wide range of industries. I frequently write the "Case Study" feature as well as the "Final Five" profile in the magazine, so if you have made a major positive impact in your company or organization recently using your ISE skills, then reach out and say hello.