Mr. Barry Renow

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Barry Renow Bio

Veteran business management executive and entrepreneur with 20+ years in finance, operations, product development, growth strategies and multi-channel sales for market leading companies in the banking, snack foods and consumer products industries. Established track record for corporate leadership, cross-cultural team-building, branding, market expansion and acquisitions.


As CEO of Alliance Design & Development Group, Barry goal has been to build a biomechanics technology company, whose mission is to help people lead pain-free lives by leveraging advanced wellness techniques and intuitive interfaces to create assistive human augmentation solutions that deliver long-term therapeutic benefits.


Culminating several years of research, ADDG pioneered Variable Resistance Beam (VRB) technology, which is the foundation for a portfolio of patented human augmentation products. ADDG’s first commercial introduction is SelectFlex®--The world’s only Dynamic Arch Control Insole featuring the PowerBeam™ and PowerLift Arch™ lifting system with three adjustable comfort settings for any foot type or activity.

Prior to his work with ADDG, Barry has held senior positions with a snack company (PopCorners), and multiple financial institutions (Santander Bank and Regions Financial)