Mr. Abdulaziz Samkari

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United States
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As a young boy, I admired my father’s work as an Electrical Engineer. He would tell me stories about his day in the field with other engineers, and I aspired to be like him one day. As a teenager, my father started inviting me to attend conferences with him all around the world. At these conferences, I had the opportunity to meet many interesting and inspirational people in the field. Watching my father work hard and climb his way up to become the president of ABB Group (ASEA Brown Boveri) in Saudi Arabia made me realize that this was precisely what I wanted to be one day. Having accomplished an inspiring four years of Mechanical Engineering as a major, as well as a double minor in Aerospace Engineering and Manufacturing Engineering at Wentworth Institute of Technology, I would like to apply and expand this knowledge and seek a job opportunity that challenges my accomplishments and skill.