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  • IISE DFW hosted Doctor Farzan Sasangohar of Texas A&M University. His team created apps used to track PTSD attacks among vets and ended up transferring the technology to tracking mental health and stress in college students during COVID. The Highlights ...

  • The NIOSH Science Blog covers numerous topics including the pandemic. Learn more at https://blogs.cdc.gov/niosh-science-blog/?s=COVID-19 .  According to the site, "The NIOSH Science Blog provides an opportunity to exchange ideas on various workplace ...

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    That is a very nice statement, and it makes me proud to be a member of SHS. Wash

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    We’re all anxious to return to our normal travel routines as summer vacations and professional conferences beckon. Vaccines are now available in most places and U.S. case numbers falling, so travelers are again beginning to fill long lines at airport ...

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  • Note that my blog originally appeared as an answer to this question on Quora . I have more than a decade of practical experience with product data management software, product verification integration software and shop floor data management system roll-outs. There are a number of procedural solutions you can use. Make sure your naming conventions for parts and part numbers don’t conflict with that of customers or suppliers. Track their part number changes so that you don’t end up with ...

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    This is my third post on frameworks I've published on my personal website (two weeks ago I wrote about the lean framework and last week I posted on six sigma frameworks ). Why am I stuck on frameworks? It's about thinking. Having a framework to use in problem solve structures your thinking on how to solve that problem. It's as if you have a roadmap towards solving your issue - you just need to know about the different kinds of roadmaps to choose from. And knowing these different frameworks ...

  • This article originally appeared in Liberty Island Magazine . Bringing in information appliances like Alexa and Siri costs you your privacy. They’ll monitor and record everything you say, parsing it for key terms to be used in advertising. However, I can’t say they aren’t for everyone. I’m going to ignore those who want to live in a networked home because it feels like the future has arrived and focus on those that are the best (or worst) case scenario. A family member of ours is disabled. Judging ...

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