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    You are invited to " VISHLESHAN-2021 " - Research Scholars' Day and Doctoral Colloquium - jointly organized by IISE Student Chapter #660 and Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering, IIT Kharagpur.   The virtual inaugural ceremony will start ...

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    Adding a new piece of equipment in manufacturing is a key expense and requires a statistical analysis to determine if savings from a new machine are worth the cost. In the February issue of ISE magazine , author Merwan Mehta takes us through the process ...

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    CALL FOR PAPERS FLEXIBLE SERVICES AND MANUFACTURING  JOURNAL Special Issue on   BIOMANUFACTURING https://www.springer.com/ journal/10696/updates/17546024 * Submission Deadline: September 30, 2021 * In recent years, ...

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    Thank you. I cited the rule of 30 and then was asked, "Source?" ------------------------------ Tamara Wilhite ------------------------------

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  • This article originally appeared in Liberty Island Magazine . Bringing in information appliances like Alexa and Siri costs you your privacy. They’ll monitor and record everything you say, parsing it for key terms to be used in advertising. However, I can’t say they aren’t for everyone. I’m going to ignore those who want to live in a networked home because it feels like the future has arrived and focus on those that are the best (or worst) case scenario. A family member of ours is disabled. Judging ...

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    When I was a master's student, I became interested in performance and personality traits. I was curious to know if there were certain personality traits that were predisposed to better on-the-job performance. Back then, I as a construction project manager and so I set about searching if "successful" project managers had certain attributes about them. As I think back about my research, it was a fun process of discovery and I believe what I found still holds today. The thesis relevant for process ...

  • While the terms quality assurance and quality control are often used interchangeably, there are differences between the two disciplines. Likewise, quality control and testing are sometimes used interchangeably, though the terms are not exactly the same thing.   The Definitions Quality assurance is a process designed to ensure a system meets its objectives. Quality assurance tries to design processes that deliver the consistent and correct results every time. It includes verifying processes ...

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