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    RE: Team empowerment

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    Hi Sara, and congrats on your new role. One way to rally participation would be to let your members know of the benefits they gain by taking an active role in the chapter. For students, that includes knowing their connections will boost their careers, ...

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    RE: Revising the CAR / UCAR in 2019...

    Hi guys, sorry this took so long but I compiled some of my thoughts and also gathered feedback from some of the Chapter Presidents and my regional team: Generally the feedback was to see if there is an opportunity to reengineer the model of report out, ...

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    Southern California Meeting

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    We are holding a meeting on March 6th at UCLA regarding performance improvement in healthcare. If you are interested in this topic, please see the attachment. I am a very long time member of IISE and SHS. David Belson, PhD Epstein Department of Industrial ...

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    Check out my latest blog, highlighting the new elected leaders of your association.   https://connect.iise.org/blogs/don-greene/2019/02/06/lets-give-a-warm-welcome-to-our-newest-iise-leader ------------------------------ Don Greene Chief Executive Officer ...

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    ISE Magazine for February

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    The February edition of ISE magazine is out, in print and online, and chock full of interesting items. The month's cover theme is healthcare, timed to this month's HSPI conference in San Antonio ( https://www.iise.org/HSPI/ ). Be sure to check out ...

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    If, like me, you’re a follower of U.S. history and Abraham Lincoln's legacy, you can celebrate his birthday (he’s 210 today) by reading Merwan Mehta’s story  in the February issue of ISE magazine . Merwan looks at Honest Abe’s leadership skills through the lens of lean Six Sigma methods and finds some fascinating connections. And did you know Lincoln himself was an amateur engineer and is the only president with a patented invention?  A view of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. ...

  • It is estimated that our data deluge doubles every year or two. Given all of this information, you’d expect better decisions … but there is a translation error that prevents this from happening. Why? There’s a difficult conundrum. If you lack essential information, akin to knowing where you are on a map, you don’t have what you need to determine the best route to your destination. Information on current conditions, like traffic reports and the amount of gas you currently have, affect those decisions ...

  • Let’s Give a Warm Welcome to Our Newest IISE Leaders   Annual election results are in and we’ve got new leaders at international, regional and technical board levels. Many thanks to our IISE professional members who exercised their voting privileges this winter. And, a hearty congratulations to those taking office April 1. These are truly passionate people who are volunteering their time and expertise to serve their association and ensure its growth and well-being. Their dedication to ...

  • While I have extensive experience in engineering software testing, my brother’s experience is in quality control and testing of hardware. When we were comparing testing horror stories, he had more than a few I thought worth sharing. In quality and in testing, you can never be perfect. Something always slips through at some point, though the goal is to design systems to keep that to a minimum. The decision is whether or not the additional tests and more thorough tests are worth the cost of defects ...

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  • IISE receives $15,350 grant

    IISE recently received a $15,350 grant from The UPS Foundation, which drives global corporate citizenship and philanthropic programs for UPS (NYSE:UPS). The grant will be used toward the continuation of the IISE Minority and Women Industrial Engineer Outreach Program, which includes the UPS Minority Advancement Award and scholarships for female and minority industrial engineering students.
  • Healthcare systems event Feb. 20-22 is ‘high-quality'

    Are you running a tight, economically sound and efficient operation? Find out at the Healthcare Systems Process Improvement (HSPI) Conference Feb. 20-22 in San Antonio. Sponsored by the Society for Healthcare Systems (SHS), HSPI will include keynote presentations by Rubin Pillay, M.D., Ph.D., a medical futurist and visiting professor at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, and Mark Graban, a consultant, author and founder of LeanBlog.org. Describing the conference content as “high-quality,” HSPI ...
  • IISE annual election results

    Leaders for 2019 have been chosen in IISE's annual elections. Results were recently announced by IISE CEO Don Greene. Three seats were filled on the 14-person board of trustees: David Poirier as president-elect; Carl Kirpes as senior vice president, industry; and Gül Kremer as senior vice president, international operations.


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