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    RE: Applying LSS for new hire location

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    In your cost benefit analysis, I would connect each of the 8 forms of waste to the different costs, like Transportation, Motion, Skills, Defects, etc The overall cost sounds like the problem you are trying to solve. So if they decide NOT to place a ...

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    Applying LSS for new hire location

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    Hello all, I recently earned my LSSGB. My organization has field applications specialist and field service engineers for the biotech equipment we sell. At the moment there are 3 employees working remotely in Dallas and 3 working out of Minnesota. The ...

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    Ever looked closely at a sunflower and the descending swirl of seeds on its face? Alan Turing, the famous World War II code-breaking engineer, did so and found inspiration in the pattern that fit the Fibonacci sequence, also known as the Golden Mean. ...

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    Check out IISE CEO Don Greene's blog on working from home and his son's take on the home-office shift. Plus, IISE staff responses. Please share your thoughts, observations and experiences in these trying times. Thank you for all you do and stay safe. ...

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    I attended a joint IISE student/professional chapter meeting at the University of Texas at Arlington last week. One of the presentations was about the evolving software and programming expectations on IE students. For example, they often learn Python but learn how to use it to process data as part of a core course. You can learn the programming language R in the DataCave, while SAS is still taught along with a variety of simulation software suites. They've improved the robotics lab since I was there, ...

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    “Industrial Engineers focused on Operations Research were working on the early days of Machine Learning before the field was cool.  The growth and advancement of artificial intelligence in our world today has come about by taking much of the analytical skills developed in an Operations Research curriculum and combining those skills with cheaper storage and faster processing.  Today, industrial engineers are one of the best sources of talent for what has become the most important technology investment ...

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    I was asked by someone if TRIZ was the Russian equivalent to Six Sigma or Lean or some other continuous process improvement (CPI) methodology. My response was, “What is TRIZ?” And given all the various CPI acronyms out there, why hadn’t I heard of this one?   What Is TRIZ?   TRIZ is short for Theoria Resheneyva Isobretatelskehuh Zadach, Russian for Theory of Inventive Problem Solving. Translated to English, it is sometimes abbreviated to TIPS. The theory is credited to Genrich Altshuller ...

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  • New Crisis Resource Community is Open for Your Participation

    There's a new "Crisis Resource Community" on IISE Connect that will give members a designated online place to share potential solutions and responses to some of the immediate challenges being faced by our colleagues, customers, students, faculty, family and friends from around the world.
  • IISE message on coronavirus (COVID-19)

    At the Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers, the health and welfare of our members and customers are our top priority. We also continue to review IISE events and make decisions based on continuing developments. Read the full statement at: link.iise.org/covid19
  • Sign up for 'Creating Cultures' webinar on March 19

    Creating Cultures that Support Full Potential Performance/Operational Excellence ... The context for operational excellence, an organization's culture, is often treated as a "given" or pre-existing condition or constraint, non-treatable variable. Presenters: David Poirier, CEO of The Poirier Group and President-Elect for IISE, and Sreekanth Ramakrishnan, senior technical staff & CX program director at IBM.


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