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    Dear IISE members,   Many of you are asking and wondering – will IISE conferences continue to be virtual this coming winter and spring? The answer is “yes.” Safety and health remains paramount. Financial considerations and travel restrictions continue ...

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    Our November ISE magazine was another excellent overview of the great work being done in our profession. Kevin McManus wrote an excellent article which included this final comment, “Because the nature of our profession is to make work better, we are perhaps ...

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    Thanks for doing this story on Edmond. It is nice to see the IISE focusing on the continent of Africa and hopefully, we can increase the number of industrial and systems engineers in Africa. I hope to meet him next year when we can travel again. ...

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    Best Student Paper Award Energy Systems Division IISE Annual Conference 2021 This award recognizes student members whose paper and presentation in the Energy Systems Track at the Annual IISE Conference both represent the highest level of excellence. ...

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    This weekend, IISE members and presenters, professionals and students, will log on for our first virtual version of the IISE Annual Conference & Expo . There’s still time to sign up before Friday’s deadline . Just as with an in-person Annual Conference, you’ll find hundreds of presentations, speakers and panels discussing a myriad ISE topics and sharing ideas and innovation, plus a virtual Exhibit Hall with products and services from our partners. We’ll all be there and I’d like to know ...

  • In the spirit of Halloween, here are a number of IE in IT horror stories for your enjoyment. Note: all of these IT horror stories are from my personal experience or observations working with a variety of organizations and clients. “We will pay you $XXX to come down and run this critical report. The only guy who ever ran that report just had a heart attack and we have to have the results. If you can figure out how we can run it some other way ourselves, the price tag is XXX more.” “The low cost ...

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    Use of AI in product design via evolutionary mixing and competition is already being tried. And AI is getting used to solve problems in the real world. Artificial intelligence is being tasked to study the symptoms of unusual cases to try to find potential causes. Think of the rare syndromes that most doctors will never encounter, and the patients who visit dozens of specialists until getting a diagnosis. Worse are the ones who never receive a proper diagnosis and struggle through treatments for ...

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