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    Response to the coronavirus pandemic is multifaceted in the ISE world, with numerous business and personal angles to consider as we slowly return to our regular schedules. Columnists Paul Engle on performance and Ricardo Valerdi on systems engineering ...

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    Being a leader, managing a team, and driving results are challenging tasks on their own. To increase the complexity, now we need to do the same in a virtual workplace. In this virtual dialogue, we will discuss topics like: - How to stay connected with ...

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    Leading Effective Meetings Webinar on Friday (5/22/2020)

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    Brad Way, from W.L. Gore & Associates will be sharing his time-tested tips and tricks to make your meetings more efficient and effective in the webinar - "Leading Effective Meetings" this Friday (5/22/2020) at 12:00 noon EST. Link to register: https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_2v5-47xWSOSWWhpjIOWOqg ...

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    The path to earning a professional engineering license requires a diligent approach but is well worth the time and effort. In the May issue of ISE , Chick-fil-A executive David B. Reid shares his own story on how he earned his PE and the value it ...

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    This article originally appeared in my column with Liberty Island Magazine . Have you ever used a self-serve kiosk? Perhaps you checked out with your groceries to save time. Or you waved your RFID pass to roll on into the carwash without waiting in line to get change for a $10 bill. In either case, technology has enabled self-service, a fancy term for “you do the work.” No matter what you may call it, the term “ shadow work ” coined by Craig Lambert applies. Shadow work is worked pushed from ...

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    Do you remember when you were a kid and you wanted your first bike? You probably saw it everywhere you went, and it seemed like every kid had it except you? And it was all you could think about. We may have matured a bit since then but it’s the same with anything we place in priority in our minds today, the focus and attention to the thought causes it to expand.   This expansion effect can be in our favor or serve to our disadvantage.   One area this it proven true over and over again ...

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    Our supply chain plays a critical role in our community, organization and as individuals. Today, with the COVID 19 pandemic the vulnerability of our supply chain is tested once again and serves as a reminder that change is inevitable and the ability to adapt our systems to deal with disease, famine, terrorism, war, natural disasters, and other externalities can be disastrous if allowed to continue and go unchecked. With large complex supply chains and immediate response time requirements, our ability ...

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  • OR Division Election Reminder

    Reminder: VOTE needed! Operations Research Division       The election will close on May 18, 2020, at 5:00 PM Eastern time.  The Operations Research Division is currently conducting the 2020 elections. The ballot contains nominees for president-elect and two board members.  You will need your IISE number to complete this form. If you're not sure what your member number is, we can email it to you. Please participate in electing the individuals who will represent you during the upcoming ...
  • Who can help you make key connections?

    Who can help you promote your online master’s or distance learning program, product or service? Who can help you find that right recruitment mix on IISE’s platforms – print media & digital? Answer: Trent Sexton. Contact IISE's Director of Advertising and Multimedia Sponsorship Sales at (770) 349-1100, or at tsexton@iise.org.
  • IISE announces new ISE Microlearning Refreshers

    Introducing ISE Microlearning Refreshers, the quickest and most cost-efficient way to keep your skills up to date, earn CEUs for your Professional Engineering recertifications, enhance your digital badge collection and remind yourself what is necessary to survive and thrive in a world turned upside down. Check out: Healthcare Crisis Management and the ISE, 0.1 CEUs with James Swisher, PE, PMP Advanced Excel Tools for ISEs, 0.1 CEUs with Elizabeth Gentry, Ph.D., LSBB Regression Refresher, 0.1 CEUs with Larry Aft, PE


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