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    RE: Preparing to August 2019 NAOB Meeting - please read!!!

    Per Kevin's request, please see attached introduction email I used recently.  I will be updating topics/agenda items and introducing SE's new VP of student development. Thanks - Joe ------------------------------ Joey Canamo Sr. Manager, Business Analytics ...

  • Hi everyone! I hope you have enjoyed the break in action before we hit the ground running! Many things have been happening this summer, especially in terms of how we want to reshape what a professional chapter looks like. In preparing for next week's ...

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    Ever had a child keep asking you "why?" when you ask him or her to do something? (The usual answer: "Because I said so.") But maybe the kid is just using analytical reason. A decision tree breaks down a problem into the various levels of “why” and digs ...

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    Maynards IE Handbook

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    IISE Quality Control & Reliability Engineering Division Members- I serve on the Advisory Board of Maynard's Industrial Engineering Handbook as the editor for the Quality Section. The objective of the Handbook is to be the only book a graduate industrial ...

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  •  Shop floor data management systems will track employees’ time as they switch between tasks and the process time for machines. However, this automated data collection does not eliminate the need for traditional time studies. Here are a few reasons why time studies should at a minimum supplement automated data collection of business processes.   Dealing with Questionable Data Quality   Shop floor data management systems may collect data, but the data it collects may not be accurate. For ...

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  • Posted in: Operational Excellence

    Poster Session COMPETITION Description The 2019 ELSS Poster Session highlights best practices and tangible results achieved by applying Lean Six Sigma (LSS) methodology and tools across multiple industries and settings. This forum provides a visual presentation of storyboards of industry-based case studies, results of independent and sponsored research as well as best practices in academic innovations using LSS tools and techniques. The poster session is open to all conference attendees. Posters ...

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  • “As an engineer I'm constantly spotting problems and plotting how to solve them.” – Sir James Dyson , British inventor, industrial designer and founder and chief executive of  Dyson Ltd. (Source: BrainyQuotes)   “Engineers like to solve problems. If there are no problems handily available, they will create their own problems.” – Scott Raymond Adams , creator of the Dilbert  comic strip, and the author of several nonfiction works of satire, commentary and business (Source: ...


  • NEW! UL-IISE team up for Lean Six Sigma 4.0

    22 modules. 6 belts. 5 certificates. Add it up and you have the flexible LSS training Industry 4.0 requires. Pick the online coursework that fits your needs - with Lean Six Sigma Green Belt prices below $1,000, and extra savings for IISE members & Corporate Partners.
  • ISE magazine wins awards

    #ISEmagazine won 2019 Azbee Awards of Excellence by the American Society of Business Publication Editors (@ASBPE) for a case history by Michael Hughes, "#Ergo refreshes bodies at Coke," and an honorable mention for the publication.
  • July 10 Best Paper Deadline

    If you're competing in the Best Paper Competition at the #Engineering #Lean & #SixSigma Conference 2019, submit your full paper now. Enter your submission by Wednesday, July 10.


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