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    Yep, this is a highly recommended starting gig. Some of those who have written for me in the past when I was in Keith's spot have gone on to do presentations at conferences, write full-length features, etc. Here's looking at you, Aaron Kanne and Alex ...

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    Mindfulness is the concept of dealing with life’s daily stresses by using meditation and an inward focus to live in the moment. In the November issue of ISE magazine, author Ashley J. Benedict tells how such a mind-body connection can not only improve ...

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    Submission is now open for IISE Cup 2020

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    Dear IISE Members, We would like to invite you to join the IISE Cup 2020 competition by submitting your application online   here . This is an exciting international competition and one  of IISE's most prestigious awards to be given to a team  ...

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    RE: "Solutions Shared" abstracts accepted until Nov. 15

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    I like the current webinars, but some reminders after the webinar for the following couple weeks would be helpful when I forget. I rarely can attend during the day even if the presentations seem more interesting, so I prefer to watch them at night ...

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    I originally published this article on Hubpages . Many people extol the benefits of MRP systems. Manufacturing requirements planning systems provide centralized inventory management and ties purchasing and inventory management with the production planning systems. However, we’re going to explore the limitations of MRP and ERP systems. The Limitations of MRP Systems You will either get reports out of the box that do what you want, you have to hire the software vendor to create a custom ...

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    ON THE ROAD WITH IISE’s CEO –  From CIEADH on the West Coast to CISE in the Southeast   Late October was filled with travel as I joined our esteemed colleagues at the Council of Industrial Engineering Academic Department Heads (CIEADH) meeting Oct. 20 in Seattle, Washington. That event was followed by the fall meeting Oct. 22-25 of CISE – the Council on Industrial and Systems Engineering. The CISE meeting began in Atlanta, Georgia, at Emory Healthcare and the Chick-fil-A headquarters before ...

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    This article originally appeared in my column with Liberty Island Magazine. I read a Cracked article on how surprisingly prescient the movie Demolition Man  was down to the wussification of the world and social mandates enforced by automated systems. (Sesame Credit, anyone?) We could argue that Heinlein’s group marriages are on the cusp of being legal when same sex marriage was immediately followed by lesbian throuples and polygamous families suing for recognition. Yet the future of tech support ...


  • Take the #GlobalEngineerSurvey by Jan. 10

    As a long-time coalition member of DiscoverE, IISE represents industrial and systems engineers in the grand scope of DiscoverE’s quest “to ensure people everywhere understand how engineers, technicians, and technologists make the world a better place.” Take the second annual #GlobalEngineerSurvey and help us learn more about the future of engineering. Survey closes Jan. 10. Results will be shared on #WorldEngineeringDay (March 4).
  • Accolades Await ... IISE Awards Deadline: Dec. 1

    You were born with a competitive nature and IISE recognizes people like you for that endless yearning to better yourself, your profession and the world. Have a look at those who made the winners' circle and the awards they won, and learn more about IISE's awards program. Deadline for most IISE awards: Dec. 1.
  • Last Call: Annual Conference Abstracts

    Share your work, insights and discoveries with international colleagues and thought leaders at the 2020 IISE Annual Conference & Expo, May 30-June 2 in New Orleans. Submit your abstract today! Deadline: Nov. 8.


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