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    Thank you for responding. It was interesting that Drucker noticed the "birth dearth" trend, though his expectation was more automation and outsourcing of work abroad instead of widespread immigration. The other solution we've adopted is the one you've ...

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    I come from the journalism world like Michael (we shared the same dingy newsroom in North Georgia for several years) and saw firsthand the growing divide between people along political, cultural and generational lines, all of which can lead to social ...

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    There likely isn't an end in sight, but the world seems to be getting better. Global poverty has decreased dramatically, access to clean water has increased, disease rates have gone down, etc. But that doesn't get website clicks, sell newspapers or get ...

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    That is an issue, but I'm also seeing solutions to it. The author of the book "The Like Switch" wrote his book specifically to teach people who to read body language. It is akin to "adulting" classes being taught to young adults who hit college but cannot ...

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    The slow development of the developing world is changing things. Connecting hundreds of thousands a day to the power grid for the first time doesn't make the news the way rolling blackouts in a city do. ------------------------------ Tamara Wilhite ...

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    RE: A Discussion on "Discontinuities"

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    In this age of smart phones and social media, I can see the discontinuity in family or social gatherings where many of us individually stay glued onto our smart phones instead of having fluent conversations among each other. ------------------------------ ...

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    While many people talk about exposing kids to STEM, I've found college engineering days held during Engineering Week are an excellent way to get kids engaged. We've taken our kids' troops, both boys and girls, to these events. Whether the engineering ...

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  • While I have extensive experience in engineering software testing, my brother’s experience is in quality control and testing of hardware. When we were comparing testing horror stories, he had more than a few I thought worth sharing. In quality and in testing, you can never be perfect. Something always slips through at some point, though the goal is to design systems to keep that to a minimum. The decision is whether or not the additional tests and more thorough tests are worth the cost of defects ...

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  • Yes, Virginia, I’m an engineer. No, I don’t drive the trains near here. I design all the toys you hold dear, just like the computer sitting here. I can make the digital camera go click. And I know what makes it tick. I design the little things that go inside, where all the data goes to hide. I make the parts that make your toys beep, just as my friends designed your brother’s jeep. Some special engineers know a bit more, both how to make it and to get it to the store. Someone must piece each ...

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  • Peter Drucker wrote so much for so long that there are multiple books summarizing what he wrote on particular topics, such as “Drucker on Asia” and “Peter Drucker on Consulting”. Peter Drucker’s greatest contributions to society were the concept of the knowledge worker and systemization of management.   The Knowledge Worker   Peter Drucker realized perhaps before anyone else that we were shifting from an industrial economy to a knowledge economy, and the knowledge worker is at the center ...

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    Winter session entries now being accepted. Encourage a team of three undergraduate students to solve a “real-world” situational case study using Rockwell Software’s Arena simulation software. Your team could win the first place prize of $5,000. Each team will have approximately eight weeks to develop its solution for preliminary judging. Three teams will be chosen to compete in the finals in Orlando, Fla. at the IISE Annual Conference & Expo May 18-21, 2019. The winning team will be announced ...

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