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    Don't Miss Your Chance to Participate in the Inaugural IISE Cup -    Submissions Are now open through Friday, January 31, 2020! IISE is launching a new international competition that provides ...

  • Thank you all for participating in the NOAB phone calls last week! I know some of you couldn't attend, but I think I have been able to connect with everyone by phone or email. I want to cover two main points in this message: Please strongly consider ...

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    I think Jon Szekely's advice to relax and have fun is spot on. I advise anyone early in their career to "follow your bliss." This phrase comes from a Joseph Campbell book, wherein he writes, " If you follow your bliss, you put yourself on a kind of track ...

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    Thank you so much for your advice. It will definitely help me think carefully about the topic. Have a nice day. ------------------------------ Marwan Albeer Riverside CA ------------------------------

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    I was asked by someone if TRIZ was the Russian equivalent to Six Sigma or Lean or some other continuous process improvement (CPI) methodology. My response was, “What is TRIZ?” And given all the various CPI acronyms out there, why hadn’t I heard of this one?   What Is TRIZ?   TRIZ is short for Theoria Resheneyva Isobretatelskehuh Zadach, Russian for Theory of Inventive Problem Solving. Translated to English, it is sometimes abbreviated to TIPS. The theory is credited to Genrich Altshuller ...

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    Yes, Virginia, I’m an engineer. No, I don’t drive the trains near here I design all the toys you hold dear, Just like the computer sitting here I can make the digital camera go click And I know what makes it tick I design the little things that go inside Where all the data goes to hide  I make the parts that make your toys beep Just as my friends designed your brother’s jeep Some special engineers know a bit more Both how to make it and to get it to the store                                                                         ...

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    This article isn’t about the cybertruck, the electric vehicle that looks like it wants to be a DeLorean and came out looking more like a set piece from “Bladerunner”. Instead, I’m going to analyze some of Tesla’s mistakes when it comes to manufacturing everything it tries to make.   Automating Everything   Elon Musk admitted in a 2018 interview that one of their mistakes was automating everything. In his interview with Gayle King, he described the complex network of conveyor belts they ...


  • IISE election results announced

    Leaders for 2020 have been chosen in the IISE annual election. IISE CEO Don Greene announced the results. Three seats were filled on the 14-person board of trustees: Bopaya Bidanda, Ph.D., as president-elect; Ronald Askin, Ph.D., as senior vice president, publications; and Rohan Shirwaiker, Ph.D., as senior vice president, technical operations. New officers are elected by IISE professional members and serve for three years. Terms begin April 1.
  • New healthcare journal editor on board

    Oguzhan Alagoz, Ph.D., is the new editor-in-chief of IISE Transactions on Healthcare Systems Engineering. He replaces Teresa Wu, who served her four-year term as editor of the quarterly journal beginning in 2016. He has served as associate editor for IISE Transactions on Healthcare Systems Engineering since 2010 and IISE Transactions since 2011, and as a referee for several other journals. Contact Alagoz at alagoz@engr.wisc.edu.
  • Go for the Cup - Enter by Jan. 31

    NEW IISE CUP: Get recognized for innovative, effective ISE principles and practices. Top 3 winning teams announced at the IISE Annual Conference & Expo May 30-June 2 in New Orleans. Enter by Jan. 31.


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