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    #HSPI2022 in full swing

    Posted in: IISE Members

    Presentations, exhibits and a rousing keynote speech on the vital role of nursing highlights the first full day at #HSPI2022 in Orlando.

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    Call for Nominations for the Wellington Award

    Posted in: Engineering Economy

    The purpose of the award is to recognize outstanding long-term contributions and service in the field of Engineering Economy that enhance the visibility of the Engineering Economy community of IISE. Send an electronic letter of nomination (with any supporting ...

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    HSPI Underway

    Posted in: IISE Members

    Opening night welcome reception at #HSPI2022 in Orlando. If you’re at the conference, be sure to share on social media. Big day of presentation and speakers on Thursday.

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    RE: Happy New Year and Welcome!

    Thanks for the gracious welcome, Kathy!  We at Purdue are very honored and pleased to be part of this effort.  Obviously, we are quite proud of our consistently high rankings, but more importantly, we are eager to engage our large and passionate network ...

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    A New Year's Toast

    Happy New Year! A little harder to express these sentiments this year, isn’t it? I’m not going to sugarcoat things; it’s been a tough two years for IISE and for everyone. But hey, we’re all still standing. We’re still here, serving the profession. And for that, we should be proud.   And if you’ve been paying attention to what goes on around IISE, our magazine articles, podcasts, webinars, conference sessions, Connect … then you know what a difference industrial engineers have made in the world ...

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  • Posted in: IISE Members

    Where are IISE members and partners located? Everywhere. For instance, look at our international chapters – 142 university and 14 professional – which can be found in Africa, Asia, Central and South America, Europe and the Middle East – and the list goes on. In the upcoming November international issue of ISE magazine , you can scan this impressive list of international chapters in the Institute section. Our Director of Continuing Education James Swisher reports that IISE’s successful university ...

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  • This article originally appeared at Liberty Island Magazine . Let’s cultivate the positive, uplifting science fiction so that we can inspire kids who will go out and create that world we’ve imagined for them. Someone described a classic science fiction novel’s cover as a book cover that launched a thousand engineering careers, and I completely understood the sentiment as an engineer, a science fiction fan and science fiction author. What many don’t seem to understand is the connection between ...

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