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    IISE's Virtual Meetup is Almost Here! - April 22nd at 4 PM ET

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    This is no ordinary online event... you'll feel like you're at a live, in-person networking event. You can virtually hop from table to table and floor to floor. --Network with fellow ISEs in a dynamic, interactive online setting! --Make career and ...

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    Specialized faculty position in Health Technology

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    Announcing a specialized faculty search at the Department of Industrial and Enterprise Systems Engineering , University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, to support our MS in Health Technology ( MSHT )-a collaboration with the College of Applied Health ...

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    Everyone owes a debt of gratitude to healthcare providers who have been at ground zero in a yearlong battle against the deadly effects of COVID-19. IISE member and performance improvement expert Wyatt Hockmeyer decided to honor their efforts with a herculean ...

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    Call for Papers Special Issue: Analytical Methods for Detecting, Disrupting, and Dismantling Illicit Operations IISE Transactions: Focused Issue on Operations Engineering and Analytics   Illicit operations, which operate outside of the ...

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  • Posted in: Society for Engineering & Management Systems (SEMS)

    This is my third post on frameworks I've published on my personal website (two weeks ago I wrote about the lean framework and last week I posted on six sigma frameworks ). Why am I stuck on frameworks? It's about thinking. Having a framework to use in problem solve structures your thinking on how to solve that problem. It's as if you have a roadmap towards solving your issue - you just need to know about the different kinds of roadmaps to choose from. And knowing these different frameworks ...

  • This article originally appeared in Liberty Island Magazine . Bringing in information appliances like Alexa and Siri costs you your privacy. They’ll monitor and record everything you say, parsing it for key terms to be used in advertising. However, I can’t say they aren’t for everyone. I’m going to ignore those who want to live in a networked home because it feels like the future has arrived and focus on those that are the best (or worst) case scenario. A family member of ours is disabled. Judging ...

  • Posted in: Society for Engineering & Management Systems (SEMS)

    When I was a master's student, I became interested in performance and personality traits. I was curious to know if there were certain personality traits that were predisposed to better on-the-job performance. Back then, I as a construction project manager and so I set about searching if "successful" project managers had certain attributes about them. As I think back about my research, it was a fun process of discovery and I believe what I found still holds today. The thesis relevant for process ...

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