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    DAIS IISE Annual Conference 2022 - Call for Abstracts

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    IISE Annual Conference & Expo 2022 Call for Abstracts and Presentation Summaries Hyatt Regency Seattle May 21-24, 2022 Track: Data Analytics & Information Systems (DAIS) Abstract/Paper Submission Website: Abstract Scorecard ...

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    From techxplore.com ... https://techxplore.com/news/2021-10-taxis-ground.html Engineers still have some kinks to work out before flying taxis become reality. But when they do hit the market, what will demand look like at different times and places? ...

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    Even before the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted every aspect of life, the healthcare industry was undergoing numerous pressures: frequent mergers and acquisitions, downward revenue trends, market requirements to reduce operational costs and massive turnover ...

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    Dear colleagues: For my next column on Manufacturing, I would like to write it in two parts: Part 1 would list all the operational hurdles that a job shop must overcome almost daily.  Part 2 will offer all the strategies and tools that job shops ...

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    Where are IISE members and partners located? Everywhere. For instance, look at our international chapters – 142 university and 14 professional – which can be found in Africa, Asia, Central and South America, Europe and the Middle East – and the list goes on. In the upcoming November international issue of ISE magazine , you can scan this impressive list of international chapters in the Institute section. Our Director of Continuing Education James Swisher reports that IISE’s successful university ...

  • This article originally appeared at Liberty Island Magazine . Let’s cultivate the positive, uplifting science fiction so that we can inspire kids who will go out and create that world we’ve imagined for them. Someone described a classic science fiction novel’s cover as a book cover that launched a thousand engineering careers, and I completely understood the sentiment as an engineer, a science fiction fan and science fiction author. What many don’t seem to understand is the connection between ...

  • No matter the challenges we face worldwide, ISEs continue to lead and find better systems and processes that benefit us all. It’s more important now than ever that ISEs come together to share innovative practices, network with colleagues, enrich and expand knowledge bases, and strengthen careers.   This month, ISEs have that opportunity at the all-virtual IISE Annual Conference & Expo   May 22-25. Stimulating keynotes and a special Q&A with IE and Apple CEO Tim Cook complete a packed ...

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