Your IISE BOT Continues the Process of Serving Members Today and Tomorrow

By Tim McGlothlin posted 10-19-2018 01:27:37 PM


A couple of weeks ago, I wrote that I was headed to Atlanta for our fall meeting of the IISE Board of Trustees (BOT). Following up on my last blog, let me bring you up to speed. We held a very spirited and in-depth meeting over a day-and-a-half though our agenda was not association business as usual.


The bulk of the meeting was dedicated to kicking off strategic discussions facilitated by Paul Odomirok of Performance Excellence Associates. Along with IISE management staff and guests from IISE’s external marketing firm McKinley Advisors, the BOT considered the purpose and vision of IISE, the recent accomplishments and current status of the institute, strengths and weaknesses, opportunities for improvement, as well as what activities to start, stop and continue. We took a short- and long-term approach with strategic views spanning one to 10 years out.


Our individual thoughts, ideas and suggestions were free-flowing and put to a group-think method on key focus areas where we came back together as a whole to present determinations and prioritize findings.


It was exhilarating and exciting to peer into the hopes and dreams of our future as ISEs and members of IISE collectively. To put pen to paper and help shape that future with definitive steps toward continued greatness. And to experience that sense of professional pride as fellow members on a journey together.


We are at the early stages of developing the next strategic plan for IISE. Our work is definitely cut out for us. Lots of homework, further discussion with the ultimate aim to have the plan finalized by the BOT meeting at the Annual Conference & Expo, May 18-21 in Orlando, Florida.


Regarding regular agenda items that we covered during this meeting, here’s a quick rundown. We plan to address other pertinent agenda items during upcoming conference calls.

·         Student regional conferences – several board members volunteered to attend various events around the country.

·         The 2017-2018 audited financial statements were reviewed and approved.

·         The membership team reported on pilot programs including a World Bank Classification project with members from Mexico to student leadership boards in four divisions as led by the SVP for Technical Operations.


Updates were given on IISE Connect, the new Ergonomic Improvement Specialist certificate, 2019 training with partner UL on Six Sigma Yellow and Green Belts, the September Virtual Career Fair, and the virtual connection of the Great Lakes Region’s 999 members to Chapter 1. It was noted that 999 professional members are allowed to reassign themselves to any professional chapter of their choosing.


A new membership section on the IISE website is coming soon. This revamp will make it easier for members to renew and better understand and locate member services.


·         A significant agenda item – alignment of regional and international operations – was developed and presented by Eileen Van Aken, Senior VP-International and Kevin Taaffe, Senior VP-Regional Operations. Their proposal was sent to the BOT prior to the meeting for review and outlined how regions and boards would be realigned, along with identification of roles and expectations of the positions and boards.


The actual motion passed unanimously: “To realign Mexico to the Regional Operations Board, and rename the board North American Operations Board (NAOB). The SVP-Regional Operations will be renamed SVP-North American Operations. The SVP-International will be renamed SVP-International Operations. Rename the International Council to the International Operations Board.”


What are the benefits of these changes?


According to Kevin, “By updating the Regional Operations Board (ROB) to the North American Operations Board (NAOB), it allows us to accomplish a few critical things. First, we will have Mexico join Canada as a (North American) international board member on the NAOB. It only made sense to have both countries be represented, given their proximity to the U.S. I hold monthly conference calls, and both Canada and Mexico should have input on issues we discuss.


“The change also allows an alignment of the two SVPs responsible for regional operations. Now, the titles are SVP-North American Operations and SVP-International Operations, each leading an operations board. We will use the IISE Annual Conference as an opportunity for us to exchange ideas and share progress throughout the year.” 

Eileen further explained, “In order to align with the newly named North American Operations Board, the International Operations Board (IOB) will operate in a parallel manner as the NAOB and will provide an important vehicle to learn about the needs and interests of our members around the world. The IOB will include the Senior Vice President-International, as well as Regional Vice Presidents and appointed Assistant Vice Presidents from around the world.

“This board will provide a way to learn more about industrial and systems engineering in other countries and regions, as well as help IISE determine ways to even better serve and grow our members around the world. The IOB will also have some joint activities with the NAOB at the IISE Annual Conference so that we can share ideas and best practices across all of our regions, both in the U.S. and outside.”


From strategic planning to happenings in real-time, your IISE is here to serve you now and in the future. We always appreciate your input and encourage you to be active in your association.


I want to thank all our BOT members, IISE staff and guests for their contributions during this October meeting. And, many thanks to all our IISE members, particularly those that go above and beyond volunteering in chapters, regions, societies and divisions, conference committees and many more. Together, we can make a difference in our individual and collective futures. Here’s to a fantastic today and an even better tomorrow!


Best Regards,


Tim McGlothlin

IISE President

The Ergonomics Center of NC

Senior Executive Director

Raleigh, NC