An IE Christmas Tale

By Tamara Wilhite posted 12-10-2020 05:14:08 PM

Yes, Virginia, I’m an engineer.
No, I don’t drive the trains near here.
I design all the toys you hold dear,
just like the computer sitting here.
I can make the digital camera go click.
And I know what makes it tick.
I design the little things that go inside,
where all the data goes to hide.
I make the parts that make your toys beep,
just as my friends designed your brother’s jeep.
Some special engineers know a bit more,
both how to make it and to get it to the store.
Someone must piece each piece together.
Someone must tell them how to do it better.
That person, not average engineer,
no, it is someone special - just like Daddy here,
an industrial engineer
which I am, too, dear.
I do not just assemble the toys Santa gives.
I advise his building them up where he lives.
Anyone can ask dear old Santa for a gift
IEs will give him a nice mechanized lift.
So he doesn't slide down chimneys without care,
won't risk back injuries, won't dare.
IE’s help Santa get his toys built fast,
designing so they'll last and last and last.
They’ll help him plan his route to every home.
It’s faster than if we let him randomly roam.
That’s how Santa makes the toys each year,
and gets them to the kids like you right here.
Isn't that nice for Daddy and me to do?
Now go to bed, for I have work to do.