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Seeking co-authors to bridge the Lean Lexicon and the IISE Lexicon

By Shahrukh Irani posted 18 days ago


Dear colleagues,

I am in the process of writing an ebook that seeks to explain/relate every term in the Lean Lexicon ( to a term (or terms), maybe even a concept or OR model, in the ISE BoK.  To date, at least in the case of the terms that I have matched on both sides, every term in the Lean Lexicon is:

==> It already exists in the ISE BoK and at best could be a footnote on a page in a textbook or lecture notes.
==> It does not exist in the ISE BoK and absolutely ought to be included in it.
==> It is a variant of what exists in the ISE BoK; so assimilation of that term will need a wee bit of research and rationalization to blend the two sides of the same coin.

Many hands make light work!  Plz let me know if you would like to take a chunk of terms from the Lean Lexicon and do the research to see what our BoK has to offer on those terms.

My goal is to use this ebook in the two courses on Lean that I teach in the MIE graduate program at the University of Houston.  If a reference like this is available, students can quickly see that Lean (for sure) and the Toyota Production System (to the extent that a Toyota outsider like me can know) have IE at their core.

If you would like to learn more about this ebook and would like to receive the current draft that my student co-authors and I have compiled, plz let me know.

Thank you.