Calling All Experienced Healthcare Improvement Professionals

By Karl Kraebber posted 01-18-2018 12:16:24 PM

Hello IISE Connect-

My name is Karl Kraebber.  I am a member of the Society for Health Systems Board of Directors within IISE.  I am the board liaison for the experience professionals committee that is chaired by John Elliott.  We are looking to engage the experienced professionals within the society by using the new IISE Connect platform. 

We are going to be pushing out routine blog posts on a wide variety of topics but most focused on sharing our experience regarding such topics as the application of process improvement tools/methodologies in healthcare; transitioning from practitioner to manager to leader; development of skills necessary to advance; and a whole host of topics to be determined.  We are also looking to increase the interest in members obtaining the Diplomate designation from SHS.  One final activity to be on the lookout for is the engagement of our current Diplomates to serve as mentors for up and coming members (not just mentors at the conference) by developing and fostering a relationship that can grow over time.

IISE Connect is an exciting tool that we would like to leverage to connect the experienced professionals within the healthcare industry to share stories, learnings, tips/tricks and other sage advice.  Be on the lookout for increased content and please feel free to comment, link and participate in the discussion in any way possible.

Karl Kraebber