IISE awards Dec. 1 deadline is here and if you win, make sure to flaunt your achievement

By Karen Barnett posted 11-20-2018 02:14:30 PM


In “Industry Awards Create Buzz for Your Business,” Entrepreneur magazine contributor Janine Popick, CEO and founder of VerticalResponse, gives high praise to accolades. “One of the easiest and most inexpensive ways for you to stand out from your competitors is to win industry awards. They are a way to gain recognition for yourself, your business and your company website. Awards bring you prestige and more traffic, and they enhance your credibility as a business.”

With a Dec. 1 deadline for most IISE awards fast approaching, now is the time to nominate a colleague or a student for recognition. Learn all about the many awards available, nomination requirements and processes, past winners and more at www.iise.org/Honors.


There are even two new prestigious awards to consider. Along with The Pennsylvania State University, IISE will bestow the Outstanding Innovation in Service Systems Engineering Award in two categories, academia and industry (deadline: Jan. 31, 2019). And three partners -- the Council on Industrial and Systems Engineering (CISE), Virginia Tech's Grado Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering and the Ohio State University's Department of Integrated Systems Engineering (Scott and Beatrice Sink Giving Accounts) -- are sponsoring the Outstanding ISE Capstone Senior Design Project Award (deadline: April 12, 2019).


Say, you’ve reached the pinnacle as an IISE award winner. What’s your next step? While Popick says you’ll “gain recognition,” that’s not a given. Once you’ve got it, you’ve got to flaunt it. My mom used to say “it’s a sad dog that doesn’t wag its own tail.”


One example of making the most out of an award win goes to Andeavor recognizing their ISE employee and IISE member Krishnan Krishnaiyer receiving an award from the institute. This Fortune 100 company with over 13,000 employees took the time to prominently feature their employee’s IISE award in the Andeavor Weekly, which also helped raise awareness of the profession within the company. Krishnaiyer was also interviewed for “Final Five” in the upcoming December issue of ISE magazine.


Here are some tips on promoting your achievement individually and throughout your organization. If you have more tips to share, feel free to post them on Connect.


  • Send a press release locally. Don’t forget to include your alma mater.
  • Tout your success on social media.
  • Mention the achievement on your website.
  • Add your award win to your email signature, business cards, and résumé.
  • Display the award in your office or another place of prominence.
  • Include stories about your win in organization communications.


Congratulations to past and future IISE award winners. For more information, visit www.iise.org/Honors for nomination requirements and processes for all awards, some of which are open to nonmembers. Good luck and don’t forget to promote your wins!

Blog by Karen S. Barnett, IISE Director of Communications