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Your Institute on the Move – International, In-Person and Online

By Don Greene posted 10-12-2021 02:24:44 PM


Where are IISE members and partners located? Everywhere. For instance, look at

our international chapters – 142 university and 14 professional – which can be found
in Africa, Asia, Central and South America, Europe and the Middle East – and the list
goes on.

In the upcoming November international issue of ISE magazine, you can scan this
impressive list of international chapters in the Institute section. Our Director of
Continuing Education James Swisher reports that IISE’s successful university chapter
training is expanding to reach more international students, due in large part to our
heightened ability to deliver training remotely and on-demand.

“Partnering with universities around the world is a key to growing IISE’s support of
the profession and building relationships with ISEs as they enter this wonderful
field,” James said.

The article highlights that IISE recently held a one-day Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt
course for 31 students in Guatemala that helped introduce IISE and core ISE
concepts to a whole new audience. The course was held via livestream with
bilingual instructor Edgardo J. Escalante, Ph.D.

According to James, “Building partnerships with new universities around the globe is
very exciting. Not only are we meeting new ISEs around the world, we’re helping to
grow the next generation of global industrial and systems engineers.”

IISE’s commitment to international growth and serving ISEs worldwide is
underscored in our strategic plan:

MISSION: We serve those who solve the complex and critical problems of the
VISION: A widely recognized, inclusive organization that advances, promotes, and
unites the industrial and systems engineering profession worldwide.

Specifically, one of the four pillars of this plan focuses on a goal and metric of
international intent:

Involve ISE-focused organizations, associations, and professionals in IISE
METRIC: Increase engagement in other countries through membership, service to
ISEs, and partnership with other associations.

Supporting these plan initiatives is an ongoing activity resulting in an ever-
expanding list of international corporate and university partners, including
organizations. IISE leaders and staff are laser-focused on building these alliances
across the globe. In particular, IISE President Bopaya Bidanda and Senior VP-
International Gul Kremer, along with Global Director of Strategic Alliances Doug
Long, James and our membership team, work diligently to foster new and continuing
partnerships. Interested in finding out more about IISE partners and how to become
one? Doug would be happy to help make that happen and can be easily reached at or (770) 349-1109.

Our incoming president next spring, Amanda Mewborn, when interviewed by ISE
magazine for “What’s Your Story?” in the May 2021 issue, zeroed in on the
importance of international growth and recognition of the Institute and the ISE
profession, especially during these disruptive times and beyond.

“ISEs have never had as much opportunity to make a difference in this world than
they have right now. The pandemic has uncovered countless roles of ISEs who were
often silent heroes lurking in the background. Almost every facet of ISEs’ body of
knowledge has contributed to enduring the pandemic,” explains Amanda.

“We need to communicate the value ISEs brought during the pandemic and help
others connect the dots on how to use our skills to continue to make this world
better going forward.”

Yes, your Institute is on the move, crisscrossing the planet, making and
strengthening connections online and in person to help you and your fellow ISEs
form lifelong bonds, share innovative ideas, research and practices. Through a
network of communities (dive into IISE Connect and make sure you’re interacting in
your areas of interest), conferences, webinars, podcasts, training, and publications,
ISEs can tap into endless knowledge. And we all know “knowledge is power” and
learning never stops. (By the way, don’t forget IISE has a Body of Knowledge you
can access and reference.)

Harnessing and maintaining this knowledge and applying it to your chosen ISE field
is exciting and challenging. It is a lifelong pursuit. Together, on a universal playing
field, we will continue to elevate the profession with shared intel, impact our
academic and industry settings and make a difference.

As always, thank you for your membership and your involvement in and
commitment to improving lives and bottom lines worldwide.

Thank you,

Don Greene
IISE CEO and IISE Fellow