IISE leaps forward with new podcast series, partnership in education and a dynamic strategic plan

By Don Greene posted 06-04-2019 10:07:39 AM


“As an engineer I'm constantly spotting problems and plotting how to solve them.” – Sir James Dyson, British inventor, industrial designer and founder and chief executive of Dyson Ltd. (Source: BrainyQuotes)


“Engineers like to solve problems. If there are no problems handily available, they will create their own problems.”Scott Raymond Adams, creator of the Dilbert comic strip, and the author of several nonfiction works of satire, commentary and business (Source: BrainyQuotes)



Whether industrial, mechanical, chemical or other engineering discipline, engineers have problem-solving as a common denominator. Where some people see chaos and clutter, engineers see opportunity and possibilities. Industrial and systems engineers see potential for process improvement, efficiencies and economies of scale.


So, naturally IISE would call its new podcast series “Problem Solved: The IISE Podcast.” We’re excited about this new addition to the array of services we provide our members and customers.  Problem Solved was announced at our recent Annual Conference & Expo in Orlando, Florida, with three episodes available for listening on IISE Connect. To keep pace with new podcasts throughout the year, visit podcast.iise.org. Reaching far and wide, you can also listen to IISE’s Problem Solved on your favorite apps like Spotify, Apple Podcasts or Google Podcasts to name a few.


I had the pleasure of participating in the inaugural podcast with our President-elect David Poirier, founder and CEO of The Poirier Group in Toronto, and the institute’s first non-U.S. president-elect. Tune in and listen to us discuss David’s industrial engineering background, international perspectives for ISEs in 2020 and beyond, and IISE’s value proposition and relevancy to all career levels from young and emerging ISEs to midcareer and seasoned professionals. Continue with the next two episodes: The Buy-In For Ergonomics with Julia Abate and Monica V. Matlis and Industrial Engineering and Essentialism with Kevin McManus.


We’re very proud to offer podcasts and we’re just getting started. If you have ideas for future podcasts and exciting topics you’d like us to tackle, please share your input with IISE’s Web Managing Editor David Brandt, your key podcast contact who has been instrumental in getting us podcast-ready along with our Senior Software Developer Michael Graham.


From audio interviews to online microlearning, IISE is also gearing up for a major summer blockbuster with its training partner UL-Pure Safety. We’re nearing the finish line of “IISE-UL: The New Generation of Lean Six Sigma 4.0.” If you attended the IISE Annual Conference and stopped by the membership booth, you could preview this cutting-edge, customizable course. You can also view the video at www.iise.org/UL.


IISE’s Training Director Larry Aft has been working diligently with UL over the past several months to deliver a course that offers quality, flexibility and ROI – where you can pick from 6 belts and 5 certificates based on your employees’ and students’ career track, needs and responsibilities:



Lean Yellow Belt (5 MODULES)

Six Sigma Yellow Belt (6 MODULES)

Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt (7 MODULES)

Lean Green Belt (15 MODULES)

Six Sigma Green Belt (13 MODULES)

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt (22 MODULES)



Control Charts and Capability Certificate (6 MODULES)

Value Stream Mapping (4 MODULES)

Waste (4 MODULES)

Lean Tools for Standard Workplace (5 MODULES)

Root Cause Analysis Certificate (3 MODULES)


IISE and UL are committed to driving data-driven decision-making throughout your enterprise. Look for a “registration open” announcement for this new generation of training from IISE and UL in the near future.


From Problem Solved to UL-IISE online Lean coursework and so much more, we’re truly taking our new Strategic Plan from paper to reality. We’ve been mentioning this strategic guidance project in blogs on Connect – an initiative started last October by your IISE Board of Trustees and staff managers that was also unveiled at the Annual Conference. We’re currently working on an eye-pleasing electronic brochure of the strategic plan but you can view the slide show that was presented in Orlando here.


Our new mission that “We serve those who solve the complex and critical problems of the world” is supported by four pillars:


  1. Integrate the profession worldwide.
  2. Include all for diversity, equity and cultural prosperity.
  3. Strengthen the image, advocacy and impact of ISE professionals.
  4. Excel in customer experience for members, partners and affiliates.


With this new plan, IISE has recommitted to you – our members and the ISE profession globally – to continue to support, educate, expand and advocate on your behalf throughout 2019 and beyond. The plan gives us a path with priorities to achieve goals and measure successes. It is also a living document that will evolve over time as the profession and technology continues to shape and reshape the landscape of ISEs from students to academia to industry.


And, we will continue to strive to achieve our new vision as “A widely recognized, inclusive organization that advances, promotes, and unites the industrial and systems engineering profession worldwide.”


As always, thank you to those ISEs who advance the profession through membership and volunteering, and I urge you to take advantage of these new offerings and direction. You might also want to review IISE’s many benefits in the 2019 State of the Institute Report delivered at the Annual Conference.


Let’s continue our engineering mindset to solve problems together and make the world around us a better place to work and live.

By Don Greene, IISE CEO and 2019 IISE Fellow