New Podcast Just Launched!

By David Brandt posted 05-20-2019 10:58:53 AM

Last year, many of you asked IISE membership staff about the potential for launching a podcast. Well, “ask and you shall receive!”

Yesterday at the IISE Annual Conference was the launch of “PROBLEM SOLVED: The IISE Podcast,” which will feature engineers from diverse backgrounds in both
academia and industry discussing a wide range of topics about the work they do as industrial and systems engineers as well as some off-beat topics that will fascinate you, the audience.

The first episode can be found on the new podcast player here on, where you can also discuss each episode. You can view the full list of episodes on the new podcast site The podcast also will soon be available on your favorite sources for podcasts including Spotify, iTunes, and Google Play. We hope you enjoy and learn from each episode. Please send us your feedback as well.